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4390 Hams Sesame 5" 8 pk
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The Metropolitan line of Hamburger Buns are premium, golden brown, extra large, hamburger buns which come both plain and with sesame seed toppings that will create a large impression. They are frozen within hours of being baked to ensure freshness when they're part of your menu.

Our Hamburger Buns are a great looking product that taste great and can hold the largest of burgers! Fully baked- just thaw and serve. Saves time and labor costs. Our hamburger buns give the cook the ability to make a very impressive burger with all the extras a customer may request... and then some.

Pair Metropolitan Hamburger Buns up with a 100% ground beef patty, add some American cheese, lettuce, tomato & condiments of your choosing for a delicious and hearty burger.

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