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Product Name:
1090 White Pullman 2#
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Product Description:
The Pullman Loaf is occasionally called "The Sandwich loaf" or "Pan Bread" because it is baked in our long, narrow, lidded pans. Due to this unique baking process our White and Wheat Pullman Breads have a square appearance with a flat top. Therefore, all loaves are uniform in shape.

The Pullman loaf has become the staple bread in gourmet delicatessens in big cities throughout the United States and Europe. All loaves are uniform in shape, which include perfectly square slices that make for picture-perfect various sandwiches.

The Metropolitan Pullman breads are extremely versatile loaves that can be used for various sandwiches. Whether you would like to eat hand-crafted finger sandwiches or just some buttered toast, you will always be excited to create something special with these consistent, square loaves of bread.